Saturday, July 17, 2010

Soar to new heights!

Last week I listed some do's and don'ts for tall people can create a proportionate look without placing emphasis on their height. Now for those of you who are short and want to visually create an illusion of height read the tips below. For everyone else I have reveled secrets to hide an imperfectly balanced neck. If you feel your neck is too short, long or wide than be sure to read the neck section in this posting.

Tips if you are too short:
-Choose smooth fabrics
-Wear matching (or close) colors for jacket and trousers
-Wear trousers with plain rather than pleated front
-Investigate jacket styles that have a slightly higher waist
-Wear narrow belts
-Look for shirts that don't have a wide spread collar
-Choose smaller, rather than bolder, plaids if you wear them
-Medium tones are better than very light or very dark for suits
-Straight handing skirts, princess style waistlines, center pleats
-High waistlines (shorter-length jackets & vests); bolero jackets
-One-color ensembles (with neck emphasis)
-Single-breasted styles
-Center front emphasis
-Vertical panels
-3/4 sleeve
-Accessories or trim near the face, anything that draws the eye up, is good.

For the heavy and small:
-Choose clothes that give an illusion of height; lines should be vertical, not horizontal.
-Hair should be above shoulder so neck is not obscured.
-Don't wear clothes that chop you in two, such as contrasting top and skirt. Keep colors monotone or related.
-Belts should be soft, loose-fitting, not wide and stiff.
-Accessories should be correctly scaled; bags should neither be too big nor ridiculously small.

If you want to increase your height make sure you avoid the following:
-Low waistlines
-Long bulky jackets
-Horizontal contrasting bands on shirt, jacket (or dress)
-Large patch pockets on pant/skirt
-Double-breasted styles.
-Just for the ladies: Bouffant skirts

Speaking of body lengths, if you feel your neck length is a flaw here are some tips to create proportion:

If you have a short neck-make the neck seem longer with a low, open collar. Choose scoop or v necklines. Short of up-swept hair styles, tapered hairstyles. Women-long necklaces or pendants, unless you are a fully-bosomed.

If you have a long neck-cover up length with a turtle, boat or cowl neck. Mandarin and oxford collars. Wear neck accessories like chokers and scarves. Heavy or long hair styles, that cover nape of neck. For ladies-one-shouldered evening dresses.

Lastly, if you feel like you have a wide neck:
-Keep a jewel or crew neckline close to the base of the neck on both sides. You don't want to have a gap on the sides (between your neck base and neckline of your shirt) that will add width visually.

I just wanted to mention facial shape since we are discussing necklines here. If the shape of your face is extreme in any way, avoid repeating this shape in your neckline. For example, a round face looks more round in a rounded scoop neck; square jaw is emphasized by a square neckline; and a long, thin face, especially one with a pointed hcin, looks longer in a narrow V-neck. A contrasting neckline balances your face.

So today I gave you information to camouflage any neck flaws add to add height for the vertically challenged. Next week I will discuss an issue that applies to everyone-weight! Whether you want to add weight or visually reduce your weight tune in next week for fashion tips!

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Karen said...

This is all really neat info! I guess I had kind of know it already but didn't really understand why. Thanks!