Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flaunt your Assets!

We previously discussed what colors will compliment you (October 2008 blog posts). I reviewed with you about the different body shapes so you could identify which type is yours (see July 31st-Sept. 13th 2008 blog posts). I even informed you how to choose swimwear that best suits you (April 25, 2009 blog post). Now I want to do a series of blogs that will inform you how to best camouflage any flaws you have. The idea is for you can create visual proportion in your appearance. In turn you can step out feeling more confident about yourself. So embrace what God gave you and you decide what to emphasize and hide on your body with these fashion tips!

Let's start by addressing those of you who are tall:

The tall and slender person can get away with wearing a lot of styles. This is why most of your catwalk models are tall and thin.

What you can wear that's look great for your height & weight:
-Soft silhouettes and fabrics; curvy lines
-Bulky/heavy fabrics; bright colors, bold prints, plaids.
-Double breasted coats and jackets
-Bold, contrasting separates
-Two-piece outfits
-High necklines (jewel, boat shaped, round, square)
-Big sleeves
-Long blouses or jackets
-Horizontal details
-Softly crushed cummerbunds or wide contrasting belts
-Exaggerated set details-large pockets, big buttons, etc.
-Over blouses, bloused tops
-Dramatic clothes
-Bags and hats can be large but be careful not to overpower a too-tall frame
-Specifically for women: sheath dresses, full skirts (gathered, full-flared, pleated), slightly shorter hem lines.

-Tightly fitted or too loose clothes; severely tailored
-Close, vertical lines
-Deep v necklines
-Small accessories
-Straight, severe lines of any kind
-Chunky shoes
-Particularly for women: "little girl" clothes, ruffles & frills, too slim & short skirts, sleeveless dresses

What if you are tall but heavy, this is what will look best on you:
-Simply planned clothes
-Simply decorated clothes
-Vertical & diagonal lines
-"Gentle" soft lines
-Cardigan tops
-Loose-fitting jackets
-Neck details
-Soft flattering collars
-V necklines
-Set-in sleeves and 3/4 length sleeves
-Dropped waistline
-Inconspicuous belts
-Front panels
-Just for women: two piece dresses; eased straight, softly flared skirt

Please avoid:
-Anything skimpy or severe
-Youthful, "little girl" or "little boy" clothes
-Too large or too dainty small designs
-Plaids, checks
-Deep, round necklines
-Sleeves cut in one with the bodice
-For the ladies: Ruffles, frills, scallops, princess lines and all around pleated skirts

Some tips if you are too heavy:
-Avoid roped shoulders; wear a natural shoulder
-Wear trousers a bit wider
-Have set-in pockets on jackets
-Wear darker colors more often
-Pick small, allover patterns
-Choose matte textures over lustrous ones
-Don't wear anything too tight

Some tips if you are too tall:
-Wear pleated pants
-Wear jackets with flap or patch pockets when you can
-Think about plaids when picking suits
-Look for fabrics with depth: flannel, tweed, or linen looks
-Avoid high waisted lines; including short, waist-length jackets and vests

Next week, those of you who feel short I'll be writing for you! Don't forget in the next few weeks, I'll be providing tips for creating visually proportionate shoulders, facial shape, hips, arms, waist, neck, thighs, fanny, legs and more.

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