Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jack Sprat & His Wife

Most of us are rarely satisfied with our current body weight. Some of you are trying to gain weight while the rest of us are trying to loose. Whilst you are working on your healthy diet and exercise plans you can make the most of your current weight with some inside fashion tips!

My blog posts the past two weeks have already addressed specific issues like tall/slender, tall/heavy, short/heavy, etc. So let's discuss some other body types (and body weights) and how to best dress what your parents gave you.

Tiny Petite Frame
-Go along with the scale that you are for the best look. That's in size and patterns.
-To create proportion have a hair cut that is cut close, a smooth cap about ear length to keep the head small.
-Choose styles with few details. Keep details small (avoid high pockets or big cuffs)
-Make sure your color key separates so they relate to each other. One color-head to toe but different ones for interest.
-Look for raised waistlines and fitted short pockets.
-Soft, light weight fabrics. Like silk and other fabrics that move with the body.
-Dainty prints in bright colors or pastels.
-Concentrate on simplicity and long linear design
-Styles like long leg, fitted waist slacks. For women, pleated skirts with sharp vertical lines.
-Medium width belts.
-Subtle vertical stripes.

-Flared boxy coats and long jackets.
-Bulky, rough fabrics or very stiff angular fabrics.
-Widely flared slacks
-Women: bouffant styles; widely flared smocks; clutter-too many ruffles, bows, or jewelry.

Large Body Frame
-Softly tailored style with flattering necklines.
-Plain fabrics with sufficient body to hang well without adding bulk.
-Single breasted styles with vertical emphasis
-Unbroken silhouette with straight or slightly flared fullness.
-Self belts
-Full-length or 3/4 sleeves.
-Middle values and lowered intensities.
-Ladies: matching Channel-type jacket worn with contrasting blouse.
-Men: If you are having trouble with wearing your pants (either have to wear belt at top of stomach/high waisted or below your stomach) opt for braces (similar to suspenders but more stylish). This is especially easy to do when worn underneath a jacket or blazer. Polo sweaters and vests in darker colors than your shirt will bring attention to your face and not your stomach.

-Severely tailored suits
-Fitted long jackets
-Shiny or stiff fabrics
-Nubby fabrics or rough, masculine tweeds.
-Contrasting or wide belts.
-Short-waisted or bolero styles.
-Bold colors or large prints.
-Pastels and black.
-Sleeveless or very short sleeves.

To decrease your weight:
-Choose garments that fit well, but have sufficient ease.
-Full length or three-quarter sleeves.
-Self belts
-Vertical emphasis: vertical seams, narrow panels or gores
-Informal balance
-Diagonal closings
-Fabrics with enough body to drape and hang well.
-Smooth rather than nubby fabrics.
-Medium to dark values and lowered intensities.
-Wear colors that flatter you and will draw the eye upward to your face and away from your body.

Please avoid:
-Tight-fitting clothing
-No sleeves or very short-sleeves
-High or bulky collars
-Crisp, still or bulky fabrics.
-Transparent, or limp, clinging fabrics.
-Brilliant hues and very light values.
-Wide or contrasting belts.
-Double breasted styles.
-For the ladies: too-slim skirts without any fullness.
-Lots of black, contrary to popular belief it makes a body look larger.
-Women: tent dresses

To increase your weight:
-Horizontal emphasis; wide gores and paneling
- Prints and details
-Full sleeves
-Visually add weight to your outfit-think bulk, texture, print, accessories.

Next week I'll provide tips for specific body parts that anyone may want to flatter or hide despite their height or weight, such as shoulders.

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