Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The hourglass figure is one of our two remaining body figures to discuss. Tips for how to successfully dress an hour glass figure are for the women out there with a thin waist in between curvy hips and bust. For many, this is an ideal feminine body shape. The goal is to draw attention to that cinched in natural waistline without having your hips and bust appear out of proportion-especially the hip area. To do this use dark colors with slender and smooth lines (e.g., side zippers, pocket less, flat front) for your pant or skirt selection. Make sure the belt or color at the waist matches your pant and/or skirt. While the top can be in a light color, pattern have some ruffles, etc. that ends at the waist. Choose dresses that are lightweight and drape well that will show off that waist without having to be a skin tight dress. Shirt dresses with belts look great on this type of figure as well as garments with a princess line. Remember, the idea is to draw attention to your narrower waist without having your hips look twice as big. It’s all about creating visual balance and proportion.

Shopping Suggestion: Pair the black surplice style with a black a-line skirt. The silver on the blouse will visually add weight to the top. The side ties will gently emphasize your waistline.

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