Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fashion in the MIddle East: High Fashion Covered Up!

So my Abiya is finished and ready to be put into use in the Middle East. I'm glad my Saudi friends gave me this and another gorgeous Arabian dress years ago!

I had the privilege of visiting the Middle East before hand when I went to visit Kuwaiti friends in Kuwait! As my birthday was during my stay they gifted me with a beautiful traditional Kuwaiti dress. It is so colorful with lots of embroidery and flows elegantly. It is cut loose, very much like a caftan. During my visit, they took me to a huge fabric shopping mall! (My friends are of Persian background so they were able to bargain with a fellow Persian at one shop). The textiles available in the Middle East are absolutely gorgeous!

The fashion scene in the Middle East is most definitely high style! I was able to go to a wedding during my stay in Kuwait. Once the Abiyas were off, you could see how fancy all the ladies were dressed! I really felt that I was attending a fashion soiree equivalent to the Oscars! High fashion designer shops are all over at the shopping malls. It's look window shopping in a Vogue catalog!

The Middle East definitely has a location advantage for getting the best in textiles and fashions as it crossroads Asia, Africa and Europe! I can't wait to explore fabrics and designs as I re-visit this part of the world!

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Huggybear84010 said...

I love coming to your blog and seeing what fashion sense advisements you have posted. I'll look forward to checking out your blogging on your experiences overseas. When do we get to see your Abiya?