Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fashion Tip of the Week: Winter Color Palette

As promised, here is the Winter color palette. A sure way to make a favorable impression is to wear garments that are designed to compliment your body figure that are also offered in your season’s color palette. Below are the shades of colors that a Winter individual would want to look for when shopping. (Color names vary brand to brand but these are general descriptive names). At Global Trendzz check out the following complimentary styles: Surplice in black, Pullover Tunic in taupe with forest green embroidery, Button Placket Tunic in both red and black, Tunic with Embroidered Trim in black and see if you can identify more using your below color palette!

White: Stark White
Neutrals: Medium Gray, Charcoal, Greige (Taupe)
Red: Blue Red, Maroon
Yellow: Lemon, Iced Lemon
Green: Emerald, Iced Mint
Blues: Royal Blue, Electric Blue, Dark Navy, Iced (Frosted Blue)
Purple: Royal Purple, Iced Lavender
Pink: Shocking Pink, Fuchsia, Iced Pink
Brown: Black-Brown
Darkest: Black, Dark Navy

Avoid: Orange, Rust, Camel/Gold, Yellow-Green, Muted & Dull colors

Jewelry: Silver, White Gold
Gem Stones: Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphire, Ruby, Crystal, Black Opal

Socks: Match bright accent colors from your costume for fun.
Hosiery: Neutral hosiery should blend with your skin tone. Color hosiery should harmonize with your shoes and or/hemline.
Shoes: Black, Navy, Gray, White, Burgundy, Taupe

Glasses (Frames): White, Silver, Gray, Black, Maroon, Navy
Foundation: Rose Beige
Blush: Rose, Wine
Lipstick: Pink, Red Wine
Nails: Natural, Blue-Red, Frosted, Hot Pink
Mascara: Black
Eye Liner: Black, Navy
Eye Shadow: Plum, Blue-Gray, Taupe

Fall/Autumn color palette is next!

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