Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shoes, Schuhs, Zapatos

Recently my husband bought some shoes while on a trip to Germany. One feature he loves about his new Salomon running shoes is the quick draw laces. Just one simple pull to tighten the shoes laces and he's off. No more having to tie a bow. The evolution of footwear is fascinating, I won't go into historical detail on this blog however. I do want to highlight some unique shoes that I've come across in my global travels. I remember attending a Dutch festival while in Brazil. I watched an older Dutch man take two solid pieces of wood and carve away for nearly an hour to create two wooden shoes. I still have the wooden shoes in their raw wooden state . While in Bolivia I picked up some abarcas sandals that are made by using the rubber from old tires. Though a bit heavy to wear, the soles are quite thick ensuring long wear. In India, I couldn't resist the colorful jutties with embroidery, beads and sequins. When you are traveling abroad make sure you check out what local shoe styles are available. Ethnic footwear makes for a great souvenir!

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