Monday, May 31, 2010

New Parents-New Wardrobe!

The joy of becoming a new parent is wonderful! Many times expecting parents focus on purchasing clothing, diapers, furniture and accessories to accommodate the new addition to their family. Usually buying a childproof wardrobe for themselves is not among the preparations checklist.

With the new family lifestyle lots of bending and reaching are necessary. The length of your shirt is important. Practice bending all the way down and then reaching under a table or chair-everything that should be unseen should remain covered by your shirt. You’ll find knit fabrics will stretch a lot easier than wovens.

How secure are you clothes? If an 18 month old pulls on your pant and/or skirt (especially styles with and an elastic waistband) will they easily be pulled down? If a baby can get a grip on something they like they will hold on tightly. Dangly earrings, eyeglasses and beads may all be unexpectedly tugged or pulled by the little one. (I recently watched a clever and quick toddler pull the glasses right off my husband’s face in a flash. Luckily, as she flailed the lenses around in her tightly clasped hand, he managed to retrieve them with no damage). Button, snap and Velcro closures on clothes are more prone to loosen/open up while lifting and holding a baby or small child.

Lastly, stain resistant and stain repellant finishes on clothing-are a blessing. That’s the reason for placing a burp rag on top of your shirt after all-to keep your clothing clean. Do be careful to not get stain repellent garments that have been treated with PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals). If you find the garment label or tag doesn’t give enough information on its stain resistant/repellent finish then you can consider purchasing clothes based on fiber type [rather than finish]. Stains are either oil, water or soil based. If the fiber doesn’t absorb liquid easily then it has an inherent ability to resist stains. For example, wool, a natural fiber, will soak up stains more easily than synthetic fibers, like polyester and nylon. Also check the garment’s label to ensure it is machine washable and can be put in the dryer-that will make laundering an easier process. Just check the labels and tags when you are considering purchasing a garment that you like.

These are just a few points that merit consideration for expecting parents can child-proof their wardrobe before the new bundle of joy arrives!

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