Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maternity Clothing-Where to Begin!

So two special ladies in my life have recently experienced the joys of shopping for maternity clothing-so I was inspired to write about maternity wear. A lot of times shopping for maternity clothing can be a daunting experience; everything is available in a maternity store-from panty hoses to dresses. Before you go shopping take a moment to consider a few factors like your life style, health, financial budget and style. I would suggest not even worrying about purchasing maternity clothing till your second trimester.

These days it is easy to be stylish and attractive in maternity wear. When I worked at Gap, Inc., I remember I was always impressed with the fun and affordable styles that Old Navy would create for their maternity section. Invest in some key pieces like a pair of jeans, slacks, black dress and a stretchy white button-down shirt. For most of these pieces buy them in knit fabrics because they will stretch. With denim pants look for the styles that have an elasticized panel for your stomach area. You should be able to mix and match these basic pieces with a lot of your existing clothing and accessories, like jackets, sweaters, scarves and so forth. Also be sure to purchase one pair of lower-heeled or flat shoes, in classic colors like black or brown that you can wear with a variety of outfits.

I remember when I worked retail and my sections included maternity wear departments. Just as important as the stylish outer garments were the options available to wear underneath. A good maternity bra is a necessity to accommodate your new cup sizes and take strain off your back. Maternity underwear is not much different than regular they are just designed to accommodate your changing body. Another popular item worn underneath was the maternity belt that provided back pain relief for many.

Depending on your lifestyle you may want to invest in maternity sports/work out clothes. One of the most popular athletic apparel for expecting mothers is a maternity swimsuit. For women carrying the weight of a baby around all day there’s something refreshing and invigorating about feeling weightless as you get some exercise in a swimming pool. This is the one time that you don’t have to worry if your stomach looks flat in a swimsuit-so embrace the belly. Choose styles that accent the positive of your changing body-like highlights for your larger curves on top. Try to find a swimsuit that will be comfortable in your first and third trimesters. Remember support & comfort is key for swimwear!

If you want to spend more on the baby by reducing your spending on maternity clothes there is always the option of borrowing some maternity outfits from friends or purchasing more fashionable pieces from a second hand shop.

Hopefully these shopping tips will give a guideline for maternity shopping!

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Suzanne Seldess said...

Hi Sandra, nice post! I agree that getting a few nicer key pieces is a good idea. I paid more for a couple nice pairs of work dress pants, but have tried to spend less on tops to mix and match. Also, if you swim/go to the beach a lot, a good bathing suit is so important, and worth spending a little extra on to get something that is comfortable and flattering. Being able to embrace the growing waitsline is nice for a change, and the near weightlessness of the pool is incredibly relaxing.