Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fashion Week around the world!

(Photo: Designer Anand Bhushan collection March 2010 Lakme Fashion Week)

Fashion week is an opportunity for fashion designers to display their latest collections in runway shows to potential buyers. The trends at these industry events are generally what dictate the styles, colors and silhouettes that will be “in season”. Most people have heard about Fashion Week in New York City, London, Milan and Paris. However, most countries/major cities have their own fashion weeks and offer plenty of inspirational trends for the globe. It’s easy to access photos and videos of the latest designers around the globe online. Here are five of my favorite fashion exposes to check out.

• India Lakme Fashion Week:
• Japan Fashion Week:
• The Sao Paulo Fashion Week (Brazil):
• Barcelona Fashion Week (Spain)
• Hong Kong Fashion Week (China):

For a complete listing and schedule for 2010 fashion weeks throughout the world you can visit this site:

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