Friday, August 22, 2008


So for the triangle figure body type, men or women, again you want to create balance using color, print, weight, line so emphasis is on the smaller portion of the body that is above the waist. For example, wear a bright colored shirt, a thick and colorful sweater, a shirt with a noticeable (and/or busy) print. All of these items will draw attention upwards and create visual proportion for your body. Another way is to wear a loose fitting top paired with a narrow or slim fit bottom. Remember shoulder pads in the 80's--especially in women's dresses and power suits, well those pads are an ideal trick for a triangle figure too.

Notice the picture of the coat; this is an ideal style for you triangle figures. The large lapels and contrasting colors visually draw the eye's attention upwards. Notice the coat is fitted narrowly around the hips. Whether you’re shopping or getting dressed for the day, remember to flatter your particular body type, the best way is by creating visual balance and proportion. Now we've discussed both the inverted triangle and triangle figures, next week will discuss the rectangle figure that also is found in both men and women.

Shopping Suggestion: For women with the triangle figure, check out the designer bright colored tunics with three button placket at
It's the company's most popular tunic style. I would also recommend the surplice and embroidered trim tunic styles going with the cream color (over the black) for your figure.

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