Tuesday, August 12, 2008

FASHION TIP OF THE WEEK-Dressing the Inverted Triangle Shape

One body type mentioned last week, for both men and women, is the inverted triangle shape. This means the narrowest part of your body is the hips and downward. In other words, you're rounder and heavier on top. (Not, to be confused with the pear or eyeglass figures, typically on women, that have a noticeable waistline). The idea is to dress so you look balanced between top and bottom. Rather than most of the weight on top. To accomplish this there are several simple things that you can use as guidelines. For example, dark colors on tops (shirts, blouses, etc.), with light colors on bottom (pants, skirts). For instance, let's say blue is your favorite color. You would wear the dark blue on top, such as a navy shirt. Balance it out with a light color pant or skirt, colors such as khaki or white. So color is one method to create balance. Another aspect is weight. Cargo pants with lots of pockets worn with a fitted top (not necessarily tight but fitted). Besides color and weight, also consider patterns. A busy pattern on top only draws attention to your top half that's visually imbalanced with the bottom. Instead, use simple and vertical (lines) patterns on top reserving busy patterns for the bottom half. If you follow the basic guidelines about in relation to color, pattern and weight-believe me people will notice the change! Next week, will address the reverse body type: triangle figure.

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