Friday, August 29, 2008


The last of our body type that is found in men and women, the rectangle. If you have no prominent curvature, no defined waist and are evenly balanced in your upper and lower body proportions-than you are the rectangle body type. In short, straight up and down. You have two goals to create a flattering appearance. Maintain your balance from top to bottom. So avoid pairing pants with a noticeable print with a solid and form fitting top. Likewise, you would want to refrain from wearing a bulky sweater in a bright color with a solid narrow jean. In either of those examples, one part of the body, either upper or lower, appears heavier than the other. So you appear out of proportion. Rather, keep the proportion you naturally have by matching prints, colors and shape on top and bottom.

Second, you want to create an illusion of a waistline, especially for females. For example, a top where the waist is defined by a different color. Or have that contrasting belt at the natural waist. Similarly with jackets-a belted jacket creates visual emphasis at the waist. For the bottom, go for the classic fit straight leg pants. Avoid hip huggers; rather choose the pant or jeans with at least a mid-rise or even high waist that can also be cinched with a belt to create the look of a narrower waistline. For women, an empire waistline, wrap skirt that sits on the waist, are just a few examples of how to create visual curvature.

Remember, the idea is to dress so your natural rectangle body figure is flattered by using principles of weight, color, print, shape and line to maintain your even proportion and create a visual waistline.

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