Friday, August 1, 2008

FASHION TIP OF THE WEEK: What's your body shape?

A quick note before today's fashion tip. Since I have been spending my summer in the Salt Lake City area to take care of my mom, I was reminded of the dry and hot summers the area experiences. I was so glad that I had an array of thREDs by Sandra lightweight cotton tunics on hand to help keep me cool! Yes, I wear what I design (available at Thin cotton and linen are great natural fibers to wear if you want to stay cool during hot summers, especially in light colors!

FASHION TIP OF THE WEEK: Both women and men's bodies are described in various shapes. For women body shapes are described as the triangle, pear, hourglass, inverted triangle and rectangle. With the exception of the pear and hourglass you can find the same body shapes in men. So how do you know which shape is yours?

When you look in the mirror where is the widest part of your body located? Are your hips wider than your shoulders? Most men prefer the inverted triangle shape with the chest and arms being bulkier then the thinner lower torso, for example. If you are top heavy, and/or top wide with the narrower hips/lower torso then you have the inverted triangle shape. If it is the reverse for you, smaller in the upper torso and chest, while hips and lower torso are wider, than you are the triangle body shape. The rectangle shape is for a body where there is not a significant difference between upper and lower portions of the body. Basically a rectangle is a straight figure.

Lastly, for women, the pear and hour glass figures. These two are nearly the same. Both have a waist that is noticeable (smaller) between the chest and hips. With a pear there is the obvious curves for the chest, waistline and hips. The hips however are the fullest and widest part of the body. Whereas the hour glass has equal width of the chest and hip area with a narrower waist between those two curved areas.

Everyone has a body shape, regardless of being thin or overweight. The key is to identify which shape your body has. Then you can identify how to create balance! Balance is the key to dressing fashionably smart! Next week, we’ll start tackling these different body shapes and give advice for how men and women can use their shape and choice of clothing for an attractive result!

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