Friday, July 18, 2008

Where have I been in July?

Hello Everyone!

It seems that I've gone off the radar for a bit. My mother actually had knee replacement surgery at the end of June. So I have been her home health care nurse. i'm glad to say she's doing well and is now more mobile with crutches. In the mean time I've kept up on my consultant work. Took on a marketing project with silk blankets. Lastly, doing some custom-design/dressmaking work for paying clientale. They had some fabrics from India that they want turned into some lovely evening wear. So I'm excited to draft up their personal patterns and go from there.

I've decided that I'll start to post some fashion savvy tips on my blog!
Today's tip: It's true vertical lines make one appear thinner while horizontal lines create broadness. But be aware of how thin or thick those lines are. The thicker the line the heavier the look. If you're short go for the vertical and thin. If you're tall and thin you can get away with the thick and horizontal. Remember, clothing is a visual presentation. Apply the principles of art: harmony, balance, unity and so forth for wonderful visual appeal. Next blog, let's talk different body shapes for both men and women!

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