Friday, April 4, 2008

Should the weather cooperate....

So we had eveything ready and started with the model photo shoot last Saturday. Unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating. From winds, to rain and finally snow! So we've rescheduled to finish the shoot to this Saturday. So far the weather has been sunny and pleasant this week, so let's hope it stays for thew weekend. I was on location with Global Trendzz to get some behind the scenes footage with my video camera. The models were really sweet and very professional! The location was perfect-outdoor and urban. The shoot got lots of attention and soon I was talking with those who liked what they saw! It's really an exciting time for me! So let's hope all goes well on Saturday for Global Trendzz. I'm sure they'll have the photos up on their website within a week. It's really satisfying as a designer to see your clothes in the real, being worn around town! Oh, one more thing, today marked another milestone-my very own business cards are being printed as we speak. It was way over due! Stay tune, the launch of the line is nearly here!

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