Friday, March 14, 2008

Fashion Photography!

So the clothing has arrived, yeah! They look fantastic! It's always a highlight for a designer to see their concepts transition from paper and thought to actual garments that can be worn! So Global Trendzz hooked up with a local fashion photographer that recently moved from California. They're going to do some studio still shots and then model session at what I consider to be the perfect urban location. The models saw the thREDs by Sandra tops and have asked for an exchange of clothing for time. I was very flattered to hear this, especially from young and fashion conscious, which also are among the first to get a glimpse of the line! I really feel that this Spring/Summer 2008 line will be received well. I put a lot of work and effort for styling and comfort. I'm hoping to do a little documentary style filming during the photo shoot so we'll see if I can manage to bring you live footage to watch! I'm getting more anxious for the officially launch! Looks like April is when it will officially hit the press & the web. In the mean time I'll keep you posted on how the fashion photography goes!

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