Sunday, April 6, 2008

And that's a wrap!

Today I was on site for the Global Trendzz model photo shoot. I was kind of glad it was postponed to this weekend so I could go and make a visit to the site. I must say, the crew and models were all fantastic! The models were beautiful, very professional and friendly. It was extremely cold still they nor any of the crew complained. The photographer had ingenious ideas and inspiration for the shots! Great angles, shadows, color, depth-wonderful work! She was also a very down to earth person! The videographer had a fantastic sense of humor and I really appreciate him giving me behind the scenes footage to post on my blog! I watched the raw footage tonight from both model shoots-he did a great job! (It's great to see the clothes in 3D on models besides the photographs)! I just need to find some music to go along with the video and then I'll post the video for you to check out. Oh, the wardrobe/photo assistant was also very friendly and a very positive individual! She's one of those people that brighten a room and can talk to just about anyone! It's so amazing and was a wonderful experience to be on location with Global Trendzz. I think Global Trendzz really got a fantastic team and can't wait to see the photos on their website & in their wholesale catalog soon (I was told within a week now).

It was really exciting to see the clothes on the models today! Like I've said before, it's just a highlight for a designer to see the final result of a concept sketch into an actual garment! I also got a sneak peak at Global Trendzz belt, purses, bags and tunics--stunning! I think you'll like how flattering the thREDs by Sandra garments are! It seems there is something for every woman!

It's late, I've been up reviewing amateur music posts and I think I found the perfect match for my "behind the scenes" video. So I'll say good night & look forward to blogging again soon!

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