Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nearly Started with Great Things to Come!

So Global Trendzz is franctically working to finish their website as clothing, jewelry, accessories and fabrics have began arriving at their office this month. Including my very own private label, thREDs by Sandra, yippee! (Then they're scheduled to turn around and put together a wholesale catalog, with a larger product offering, to present to potential retail customers in March/April. It looks like they plan to reach out to California, Oregon and Utah to get their products into retail stores. That way you can feel, touch and try!) For starters, the thREDs by Sandra designer line will be available on the Global Trendzz website so you can shop in the comfort of your home! I can't wait to get the notice of the official launch--it's a very exciting time!

I'm really proud of this first line of tops for the Spring/Summer 08 season. I look forward to designing skirts, dresses as well as a new line of tops for the Fall/Winter 08 season for them. Global Trendzz has mentioned that they're seriously considering offering some of the thREDs by Sandra tops in maternity sizes too. I've sold maternity clothing in a part-time retail sales job before. But I have never designed maternity wear-so that would be an opportunity for me to expand my design skills! Working with Global Trendzz has been a really rewarding experience! They're extremely driven, friendly, professional and really trying their best to find products that are unique, affordable and attractive. Their desire to succeed and satisfy customers is inspiring! They've given me an opportunity to pursue my own fashion line and to present clothing that I feel the real woman will appreciate! This is a dream come true for me!

But of course, success depends on the customer-that's you! I love to hear from you! Let me know what your reaction to the thREDs by Sandra clothing line. I'm open to your suggestions and feedback!

I'll probably write again when the company has officially launched the line! Stay tuned!

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