Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sugar N' Spice: Nail & Skin Trends

Sorry for the delay between blogs. I was having a fabulous time buying fabrics in India and got a great assortment for my design studio inventory. Especially embroidered textiles for the custom-made abayas as well as some other individual designer clothing projects I'm currently working on. Any how...

Fashion & beauty go hand-in-hand. So now and again, I like to write about beauty trends. Luckily, I have a sister that owns a nail and skin care salon, Sugar N' Spice in Saratoga Springs, Utah, USA. So she always keeps me up-to-date on skin & nail trends. Here are just a few of the latest crazes:

I love these nail polish appliqu├ęs by Incoco Professional. It's like taking a colored adhesive film and pressing it onto your nail then sculpting away any excess. It may take some practice to apply the strips just right but it's a simple way to create finished nails without using liquid nail polish.

These shrink wrap style designed nails are applied when getting gel or acrylic nails done. Sheekee carries an assortment of fun and bright designs. Similarly, is Minix fashion finger tips. I do like the flag nails-how patriotic.

Celebrity nail polish lines are gaining in popularity. For example, if you like Katy Perry's fashion style, you should check out her collection by OPI. With it's fun assortment of polishes like Teenage Dream (pink sparkle) and The One That Got Away (dark purple). I also like Serena Williams Glam Slam line. I like her cracked or shattered look. It is echoed in China Glaze's line that is available in six colors.

I know my sister has been getting more and more requests for Eye Kandy. It's a way to put glitter in a decorative style on the skin, face and around the eyes. It's a smashing look for those evenings out. The glitter can also be stylized for artificial nails.

The last bit of trend in nail & skin care, Rose Pedicures! So treat yourself to this natural relaxing pedicure when you get a chance!

(I have to mention-that of course all of these trendy services and products area available at the Sugar N' Spice Salon).

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