Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cotton Abayas Collection Launched!

I never imagined back in my design school days, that one day I would be designing abayas. But I've really enjoyed this design project and have proudly created a line of cotton abayas. The fabric is perfect for the hot weather that is associated with parts of the Middle East and Northern Africa. The cotton abayas are so lightweight and are very comfortable! Luckily I was able to find a crimped cotton fabric so ironing could be excused. (I hope to find a similar process for linen).

I've spent time developing the designs, making samples and test wearing them. I made sure that all the fabrics were pre-shrunk and pre-washed. It was encouraging for me as I often received compliments, during my trial wearing of the designs, so I am happy with the introductory pieces. I hope that this venture is successful as I have many more creative ideas for abayas! Please check them out on my portfolio website at

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