Monday, February 8, 2010

Dare to wear Denim at work!

Unless your work dress policy strictly says “no denim” or “no jeans” than you can give denim a try in the workplace. You’ll probably enjoy the balance of professionalism with comfort that denim provides. The trick is to not look too casual in your ensemble. Here are some tips:

1) Don’t over do it: Limit your outfit to one denim piece-choose one of these but don’t wear them all together: denim pant (or skirt), denim jacket, denim vest.

2) Color camouflage: Avoid typical blue denim when possible. Neutral colors such as black, white and khaki/brown tend blend in easier in the work place environment.

3) Top Condition: If it has tears, rips, distracting fading or embellishments its best to keep them for wear in your private time.

4) Strategic accessories: Wear shoes and a belt that will minimize the denim effect. For example, for men pair a leather belt (small buckle to avoid looking like you’re going to the rodeo) with matching leather shoes. For women the skinny belt with pumps will dress up your denim.

5) Add a blazer: If you’ve got denim on bottom-pants (or skirt)-add a blazer on top to help balance out the look and ensure the visual of business wear in your appearance.

6) Pants off the ground: Make sure your denim jeans aren’t too low at the waist/hip line. Low rise jeans are a no no! Similarly, if you wear a skirt make sure the length is appropriate for the office-generally no shorter than knee length.

7) Fit Fantastic: Choose a flattering silhouette so you will look neat and presentable. You don’t want to wear skin tight denim. You also don’t want to wear denim too loose or you’ll look slouchy.

8) Invest: The best type of denim jacket you can buy is a fitted jacket in a dark color. It’s easy to mix and match with other pieces in your outfit. Such as a button-down collar stripe shirt with khaki pants for men. For women, wear a business skirt and blouse outfit that will coordinate well with your denim jacket-you can add a scarf for color.

9) Think small: If you’re too hesitant to wear a denim clothing piece than you can also choose denim accessories. Watchband, shoes, totes, etc. can easily accessorize your outfit at work.

If you can incorporate these guidelines than it should be a snap to wear denim not only at home but at your work place as well!

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Belkycita said...

LOVE IT! I am on the look for a denim jacket ;-)