Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cool fabrics in the hot desert!

I have been traveling a lot lately: Arizona, Nevada, Utah, California. I took along some of my thREDs by Sandra tops as well as imported tunics from Global Trendzz. These lightweight cotton shirts were perfect for the hot and dry climates in these destinations. The longer-sleeves, such as on the (thREDs by Sandra) Tunic with Button Placket (TBS004 $19) and Pullover Tunic (TBS006 $18) nicely covered my arms so I didn't have to keep applying sunscreen.

The best fabrics you can wear for hot climates include cotton and linen; in lightweights and light colors of course. Cotton easily absorbs skin moisture. Which in turn helps cool the body. Thus the natural wicking and breathbility properties of the cotton tops were very comfortable for me to wear as we hiked through the Grand Canyon as well as Bryce & Zion National Parks.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Memorail Day holiday weekend! Summer is defintley kicking in. Be sure to keep cool with unique fashions that Global Trendzz has to offer!

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