Monday, March 9, 2009

Women Wardrobe Planning

Just a re-cap from last week's posting: 1) Assess your wardrobe needs based on your lifestyle, e.g. weekly activities. 2) Remember your color seasonal palette and styling that is most flattering for your particular body. 3) Buy basic pieces in colors that will mix and match.

For woman two pants, a skirt and a dress, three shirts and accessories (a sweater or jacket, a scarf and a set of jewelry). Let's not forget-two pairs of shoes each. Socks, a pair to change each day unless you plan to wash mid-week; for women be sure nylons in a nude color are at least one of your socks.

So now that we got some basic pieces decided on we need to examine style and colors. Again, we want to stick to the basics so we can easily mix and match. In other words all of your bottoms should be able to be worn nicely with all of your bottoms. Generally speaking, your bottoms will be in very basic colors such as black, white, navy blue, tan/khaki, chocolate brown, gray, etc. Remember your season colors and choose which are most flattering for you. With your tops you can choose colors, again based on your season, that will coordinate or match with your accessories and wear well with your bottoms. Choose accessories that have two or three colors in them. You'll want to the do the same with a scarf, rather than a solid color go for a strategically printed scarf. For jackets, sweaters and vests remember, they need to match back to your top, bottom and accessories. Jewelry go with a basic and classic silver or gold styles.

So how many outfits can we make:

* Dress with jacket/sweater
* Dress with scarf
* Dress with jacket/sweater & Scarf
* Dress with jewelry & Jacket/scarf
* Dress with jewelry
* Skirt with shirt 1
* Skirt with shirt 2
* Skirt with shirt 3
* Skirt with shirt 1 with jacket
* Skirt with shirt 2 with jacket
* Skirt with shirt 3 with jacket
* Skirt with shirt 1 with scarf
* Skirt with shirt 2 with scarf
* Skirt with shirt 3 with scarf
* Skirt with shirt 1 with jewelry
* Skirt with shirt 2 with jewelry
* Skirt with shirt 3 with jewelry

I think that you get the idea of how to mix and match your wardrobe. With just 3 tops, a skirt, a dress, 3 pants, a scarf, a jacket and a set of jewelry you can easily create a new outfit to wear for an entire month. That's wardrobe planning at it's best! Check out my designer collection at Global Trendzz which offers basic and fashion colors that will easily mix in with your wardrobe!

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