Friday, October 3, 2008

FASHION TIP OF THE WEEK: What colors compliment you?

Are you ready to find out what season you are?

Colors are categorized into four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. Don’t worry; I’ll let you know which colors fall into which seasons. Knowing what season you are will help you choose the best shades among available colors that best suit you! Choosing complimentary colors will enhance your natural features. So let’s begin!

Identify your:

• Skin tone
• Hair and eye colors
• Personality

Without any makeup on and using natural light hold a pure white paper, cloth or shirt next to your face. Do you have more of a yellow or a blue undertone in your skin? If you have yellow undertones than we would call that a warm undertone. If you have blue undertones than it would be described as cool. You can associate yellow with the sun and blue with ice to help you remember. Now that you’ve identified if you have warm or cool skin undertones next decide if your undertones are muted or clear? In other words, was it very easy to identify right a way what you’re undertone was (clear) or it was some what difficult as the tone is very soft and subtle (muted)? If you’re having a difficult time deciphering you can always make a quick visit to a department store and ask a skin/make-up consultant what their opinion or your skin tone is. See the list below to pick which is your season:

Winter: cool and clear undertones.
Spring: warm and clear undertones.
Summer: cool and muted undertones.
Fall: warm and muted undertones.

I’ll make this short and simple for you. If you fall into two categories, remember you can use the skin tones to clarify which season you are in.

Winter: Hair is black, dark brown, chestnut, lacking highlights. Eye color tends to span the normal brown, blue, hazel or green.
Spring: Hair is golden brown, blond or red and the eyes are blue, blue-gray, green or turquoise green.
Summer: Hair is without highlights and is typically ash blonde or ash brown. Eyes are blue, brown, green or hazel.
Fall: Hair is golden and brown, red, auburn or chestnut and eyes are dark brown, hazel or green.

Believe it or not your personality can also suggest which of the four seasons you would fall into.

Winter: loyalty, perfectionism, analytical, dependable, truthful and reserved.
Spring: Friendly, energetic, optimistic, curious, witty, smiling.
Summer: practical, neat, easy going, gentle, understanding, good listener.
Fall: self-discipline, confident, leader, organizer, dependable, loyal.

If for anyone reason, you’re still confused, you can always make a trip to your local department store and ask a personal fashion and/or beauty consultant should be able to correctly identify what your color season is so you can purchase clothes and skin products that are in complimentary colors.

Next week we’ll start with the Winter category! We’ll discuss what colors are best suited for you as well as colors to avoid.

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Allanna said...

Thank you for posting this, Sandra!

I've never heard the personality-traits in relation to one's season.
How neat!