Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fashion Tip of the Week: Color Palette for Spring category

Here is the color palette for all of you Spring season members. These colors will be the most flattering for you to wear. Check out my designer tunic with button placket available in complimentary red and lime green colors as well as the smocked tunic in Navy at

White: Ivory
Neutrals: Beige, Warm Gray, Camel
Red: True Red
Orange: Peach, Apricot
Yellow: Daffodil, Light Gold
Green: Lime, Apple, Celery
Blues: Aqua, Bright Navy
Purple: Violet, Light to Medium, Periwinkle
Pink: Coral, Shrimp
Brown: Toast
Darkest: Bright Navy

Avoid: Black, Pink, Stark White, Blue-Red, Burgundy, Harsh & Dark

Jewelry: Gold, Copper, Pearls
Gem Stones: Coral, Turquoise, Tourmaline, Topaz and Zircon

Socks: Match bright accents from your costume for fun.
Hosiery: Neutral hosiery should blend with your skin tone. Color hosiery should harmonize with your shoes and or/hemline.
Shoes: Bone, Camel, Navy, Tan

Glasses (Frames): Red, Gold, Ivory, Peach
Foundation: Beige, Ivory
Blush: Peach, Coral
Lipstick: Coral, Peach, Red
Nails: Natural, Peach, Red Coral
Mascara: Brown
Eye Liner: Brown
Eye Shadow: Ivory, Teal, Light Brown

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Huggybear84010 said...

Your "Color palette" series of fashion tips has been a very helpful resource for me to update my wardrobe with fashionable apparel that not only fits my body type but also the time of year and my personality. Such great information, thanks thREDs by Sandra! 8^D)