Monday, December 6, 2010

Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder!

This is the last article in a series on physical features to consider when choosing a flattering hairstyle. In addition, I wanted to write about how to select eye wear that will emphasize your natural good looks.

Wide-Set Eyes
Eyes set far apart are usually found with round, square or strong cheek-bone features. The objectivie of the hair style is to effet a better balance for the face and to minimize the effect of the wide space between the eyes.

One way to minimize the wide-set eyes, is to lift and fluff (volumize) the top hair into a side bang. The other side is styled into a dip wave. The rest of the hairstyle is fluff (volume) and arranged to nestle under, toward the head. The entire hairstyle gives the appearance of minimizing space between the eyes. In other words, avoid a straight part down the middle which will emphasize the space between the eyes. Just having a side part in your hairline will make a difference.

Close-Set Eyes
Close-set eyes are usually found in oval or long, narrow face. The objective of the hairstyle is to open up the appearance of the face and to create the illusion of more space between the eyes. For example, the top crown hair can be styled high to create a pyramid effect. The side movement may fall over either brow, according to your prference, with hair turned outward and up. The other side of the hair is styled away from the face which will give the eyes the appearance of being wider apart. Just pulling hair away from the face to add volume on the sides will naturally draw the eye outwards creating a visual effect of width between the eyes.

Those who wear glasses should be especially careful in their hairstyle choices. A combination of a flattering hairstyle and correct glasses should blend together to develop and emphasize the wearer's flattering features. To the beholder, a face wearing glasses can take on an individualistic, special charm, if all the elements are in proper harmony.

Here are some basic rules for glasses:
* Glasses should be modern, and lenses ensure proper vision.
* Never wear guady, over-jewelled, or tricky frames.
* For women, do not wear strip false eyelashes. They are too long and function like windshield wipers with every eye movement. Also avoid heavy eye makeup. it does not require heavy makeup to bring out the color and the best features of your eyes.
* Hairstyles that fall naturally around the face, make putting on and taking glasses off easy.
* Over-styled hair (and for women many tight curls) is impractical to wear with glasses.

There are numerous "do's" and "don'ts" in every area of hair and facial apperance. The following are designed to illustrate some of the "do's" for those who must wear glasses.

Round, Oval or Square Face
Glasses: With big eyes choose slender frames with large visual lenses to show off eyes. Color of frames should be slected carefully to flatter hair color.
Hair style: Wear a style with volume on top, to create natural balance, a simple, uncluttered style that is casual but chic/modern.
Bangs: Wear a slashed bang freely touching the eyebrows.
Jewelry (women): If earrings are worn, they should be long and dangling.

Heart-Shape or Diamond-Shape Face
Glasses: Wear smart, slender frames that follow or give a lift to the eyebrows. The frames should be of medium thickness to rest gently against the face.
Hairstyle: Wear so volume increases the width in the lower part of the face. For example, women may choose a full page boy style.
Bangs: Wear open, chic/modern bangs which harmonize and balance with the lower part of the face.

The Small, Narrow or Oval Face
Glasses: Select large, modern frames that are not too exotic or gaudy.
Hairstyle: Since the face is delicate in proportion, it is important that the hairstyle have width and height. The hairstyle should be short and allow freedom for control of glasses. For women, use deep waves and flip curls placed well back of the ears and ending lower at the nape.
Bangs: A side wave bang caressing one eyebrow can compliment the eyes.

Pear-Shape Face
Glasses: Wear large, oval-shaped frames to let glasses reveal eyes.
Hairstle: The facial contoour requires emphasis on length, therefore, wear hair up and off the face, high in the front and crown. For women, to reduce width try a soft bouffant styling (volume on crown) around the face with softness brushed forward on the cheeks.
Bangs: A side wave bang over one eye will add expression and interest.

Proper hairstyling and a selection of suitable and flattering glasses will emphasize your natural attractiveness. Remember to choose colors that are in your Color Season (see previous blog posting series about identifying which color season you are).

Next week, I want to talk about the holiday trends!

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