Sunday, October 3, 2010

Golden Years!

Thank you for your patience everyone. I was traveling throughout the USA and Europe for quite some time but now I am back home and ready to blog! I like to write articles that address specific needs of individuals that are often not discussed in mainstream fashion media. Such as clothing choices for new parents, expecting mothers, the disabled and so forth. One subject that I was prompted to write about is wardrobe selection for women going through the life change knows as menopause. For those of you not in this age group or gender, most likely you have someone in your life who could benefit from this article.

First of all, just because this change occurs doesn't mean a woman needs to start feeling unattractive or not feminine. Clothing can be used to highlight her beauty strengths and detract from areas of consciousness. For example, some women experience abdomen swelling. A protruding belly can easily be covered up without notice. For example, a scarf wrapped around the neck that hangs down to cover the stomach area, paired with a jacket. Or a blouse that is loose in the stomach area or has rouching on the sides (so the extra fabric covers the stomach). Avoid tight clothing that clings to the bulge and details/accessories that would attract attention to the area (such as a wide colorful belt). To increase your sense of femininity choose colors, prints and details that are associated with women. Colors like pink, purple, pastel shades; floral prints; a butterfly necklace or heart earrings are all examples of adding a feminine touch to your appearance. Also wearing skirts and dresses more often will create that connection to femininity.

Another common experience for women going through menopause is hot flashes. The best way to cope is to wear clothing in natural fibers such as cotton and linen. I know how difficult it can be sometimes to find 100% cotton garments, so choose blends that are dominated by natural fibers, such as 80% cotton or linen mixed with 20% synthetic such as rayon or polyester. Wearing 100% rayon, polyester or other synthetics, will prove extremely uncomfortable when a hot flash hits. Make sure if wearing layers, that choices are in lightweight fabrics. For example, a light and delicate silk scarf will prove more comfortable and bearable through the day [as hot flashes come and go], than a thick wool scarf. Another tip to help you feel more confident is to use disposable underarm perspiration pads. These are easy to find and relatively inexpensive. They can be placed on the inside of your blouse or jacket to help protect your clothing from perspiration. Usually they have Velcro on one side so they can easily be adhered and them removed. Keeping some perfume and a small deodorant in your purse and/or desk drawer at work is not a bad idea either.

With these slight adjustments in wardrobe a woman can continue to feel attractive and confident regardless of natures changes.

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