Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Color of the Year!

Pantone has announced that the 2010 Color of the Year is 15-5519 Turquoise! Pantone is a company that has set the international standards for colors. They are a very reputable company that has been around for quite some time. In the world of fashion design it is important to be able to communicate exactly what oolor you want for your clothing-especially to manufacturers. Pantone has an extensive library of colors, every shade and tone imaginable, that has a number assigned to it. As long as you have access to a Pantone color guide or reference than you can see what the color looks like for the designated number.

If you're an apparel business or just want to know what the season color trends will be there's a few options for finding out that information at little cost. For small business owners take advantage of free presentations at trade shows-such as WSGN color & trend forecasting at MAGIC. Lastly, Cotton, Inc. provides free seasonal color trends with small cotton color samples. In the USA call their office at #916-678-2220. For non-business owners there is plenty of consumer media out there to keep you up to date on color trends. Most of your fashion magazines will have a blurb. There is various online websites and blogs that post color trends such as You can always pick up color cues by watching the run way scenes on Fashion TV, if you have the channel.

For Spring 2010 Color this is what Pantone has predicted...

Fusion Coral
Tomato Puree
Amparo Blue
Pink Champagne
Dried Herb

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Our Army Life said...

What a great color. If you decide to design some things for yourself in this color, you'll look FABULOUS!
Bonnie-Jean :)