Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Asian Travels, Texiles & Fashion!

So where have I been? My goodness time has really been flying!

My husband and I departed the USA in August, made a quick stop in India before landing in our new home in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Most of September was taken up with settling into our new place. I must say, I'm so impressed by the wide spread use of English in the kingdom-that has been a huge blessing!

In October we were off for Diwali celebrations in India. We enjoyed the fireworks, saw the palaces of Rajasthan and the ancient temples of Tamil Nadu. This was my third trip to India. The first time I went to India I was still an apparel design student. I took advantage of the university summer break and secured both an internship & research project for myself. My internship work plunged me into the textile & garment industry of Coimbatore/Tiripur/Erode (Tamil Nadu). After my internship in the south, I was off to the northwest for my research work in Gujarat. I partnered with the National Institute of Design in Ahemdabad. It was great to return to India after a long stay away. Of course, I coudln't resist shopping and bringing home some beautiful fabrics to make custom designs with.

Then November came and we were off to Thailand. The Phuket area is so beautiful with its natural charms. The bustling of Bangkok city is always an adventure to enjoy too! Of course, the fabrics and traditional clothing constantly grab my interest! I find a lot of similarities between Thai and Indian textiles-vibrant colors, beautiful patterns, wide use of silk & cottons and a presence of distinct cultural influence.

Guess where we are headed next month-Japan! I can't wait to experience Japanese culture and explore its historical & modern sites. Of course-I'll get myself a kimono!

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